24 sept 2009

Why Perl is my favourite language?

"Because it's different, like me"

Please, post your answer to this question, I'll make a resume with them. Thank you!

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  1. 0. Very good community
    1. Stability, version and OS compatibility
    2. CPAN + cpantesters
    3. Testing orientation
    4. Good Unicode support.
    5. Powerful and fast regular expressions
    6. Tight and fast integration in Apache (mod_perl)
    7. Badly written code is more evident than in other languages
    8. Possibility to extend language with language itself and CPAN. Old Python-style OO system is considered outdated - Moose took it's place. Devel::Declare allows adding new keywords. CPAN has modules even for type safety. Source filters allow adding new languages (I created a module for Perl6-style comments, but not yet released yet). Inline::* family allows integrating code in other languages.
    9. Good readability (see http://www.slideshare.net/osfameron/readable-perl-presentation/ )
    10. Very widespread and usage continues to rise. (See http://www.slideshare.net/Tim.Bunce/perl-myths-200909)

  2. chorny, your arguments are indisputable. Great links!

  3. The main reason why my favorite language is now Perl is that when i started programing with Perl, it just makes fun and it was really easy to do things.

    And the second reason was CPAN. Because there exists a lot of modules and one base where you find a lot of useful modules.

    The third point was that it is more general usable. I always wanted to do Webapplication, but not only Webapplications. (That is why PHP was no argument).

    With this reasons i came to Perl and yeah i never switched.

    The arguments that chorny says are good reason to still use Perl. But i don't think that this are reason why someone think of Perl as his favourite language.

    If i hated Perl Programming even if it has good Unicode support, good testing, a good community, CPAN, ... i would not hesitate to switch immediately to another language.

  4. I'm not a programing guru. I work as system administrator, and my skills stops in bash and (not too modern) perl.

    Using perl, i've learned a lot of util things for my work (document all, test all, solve problems), about computers in general, internet and programing.

    For me perl is like linux, I never get tired of learning new things and I find it useful.

    CPAN rocks!


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