11 sept 2009

I have an idea (2)

How can we improve the use of Perl ?

This is a simple question, many peope has answered it, and in this article I'm going to present my idea in this area.

Often, we say that CPAN is our main tool in order to develop some kind of solution, and we are right. But CPAN provides many different ways to do the same thing, someones are good and others aren't (TIMTOWTDI). CPAN should show the number of downloads of each distribution, and the activity (number of changes per unit of time). We are lazy, I know; but comments in modules and feedback are wellcome.

With this tools (Perl+CPAN), we need to build applications. Reference applications. There's a few in my opinion. In different areas (not only Web, we are tired). If we can create a set of modelic applications, people will ask for the tools used to build them. This is a very important thing: define a collection of important projects, and assign a development group.

We need to be present at the cloud! it's time for it!

2 comentarios:

  1. I've written 50% of a bibtex database manager by stealing frivolously from the Padre code base. Unfortunately, that was the point when I finally found an existing one that suited my needs and stopped, so this won't be a good reference application. But stealing from Padre was a boon.

  2. I prefer to use the "inspiration" word instead of "stealing".


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