4 sept 2021

(cdlxxxiii) metacpan weekly report

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 39

This week there isn't any remarkable distribution

Build date: 2021/09/04 20:05:43 GMT

Clicked for first time:

  • App::findeps - the Module to find dependencies for files you've selected
  • Net::xFTP - Common wrapper functions for use with either Net::FTP, Net::SFTP, Net::FSP, Net::FTPSSL, Net::OpenSSH, Net:SSH2, and Net::SFTP::Foreign.
  • SDL2::FFI - FFI Wrapper for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) Development Library
  • Test::WWW::Mechanize::Mojo - Test::WWW::Mechanize for Mojo / Mojolicious

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