20 mar 2021

(cdlix) metacpan weekly report - GD::Graph

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 49

Week's winners (+3): GD::Graph

Build date: 2021/03/20 19:45:51 GMT

Clicked for first time:

  • App::lupapona - a simple static Gemini server
  • Avro - the official Perl API for the Apache Avro project's serialization and RPC framework
  • Encode::Base2N - fast base64, base32, base16 encode/decode functions
  • Geo::GDAL::FFI - A foreign function interface to GDAL
  • List::Helpers::XS - Perl extension to provide some usefull functions with arrays
  • RT::BugTracker - Adds a UI designed for bug-tracking for developers to RT
  • Types::TypedCodeRef - Type constraint for any typed subroutine.

Increasing its reputation:

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