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(cdxxxiii) metacpan weekly report - Regexp::Common::Markdown

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 34

Week's winners (+3): Regexp::Common::Markdown

Build date: 2020/08/15 12:21:30 GMT

Clicked for first time:

  • CSS::Object - CSS Object Oriented
  • Device::XBee::API - Object-oriented Perl interface to Digi XBee module API mode.
  • InlineX::XS - Auto-convert Inline::C based modules to XS
  • Lox - A Perl implementation of the Lox programming language
  • Mom - Moo objects minimally
  • Net::EtcDv2 - A object oriented Perl module to interact with the EtcD version 2 API
  • RestAPI - a base module to interact with a REST API interface
  • Test::Nginx - Data-driven test scaffold for Nginx C module and Nginx/OpenResty-based libraries and applications

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