13 may 2018

(clxxxiv) CPAN great modules released last week

This is a list of great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.

# CPAN module Version Votes Abstract
1 autobox v3.0.1 23 call methods on native types
2 experimental 0.020 29 Experimental features made easy
3 Mojolicious 7.78 372 Real-time web framework
4 Net::OpenSSH 0.78 25 Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH
5 PDL 2.019 31 Perl Data Language
6 Term::ProgressBar 2.22 20 provide a progress meter on a standard terminal
7 Time::Moment 0.44 64 Represents a date and time of day with an offset from UTC
8 YAML 1.25 52 YAML Ain't Markup Language™

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