7 ago 2014

CPAN Day idea - 1.0.0 (16th August)

I have read many suggestions to celebrate the inauguration of CPAN. I'd like to propose a simple one.

There are a lot of CPAN modules with revision numbers under the 0 major number (0.x.y), e.g. 0.9.1, 0.1.8, ... and many of them are really mature, reliable and well tested.

Why not release on 16th August the 1.0.0 revision of your great CPAN distribution? I think it's a very easy thing to do. Think about it.

Note: this idea comes suddenly today, when I saw the YAML 1.00 revision upload today on CPAN.

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  1. YAML is a bad precedent for your idea, considering the only reason it went to 1.0 is because that was the next number after 0.99; look at its Changes file; YAML versions were simply increasing monotonically, there was no implied meaning to its numbers like about stability/maturity.


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