19 sept 2011

Perl Weekly gratitude

I am sure you already know the Perl Weekly newsletter, a great work of Gabor Szabo. If not, please take a look at this url: http://perlweekly.com/.

It's not only an integration work about the news, modules, articles, etc. It also includes excellents comments, which are a great summary of the topics they introduce. I recommend you the suscription.

Every Monday since the project was born, I read the newsletter, and find interesting news and articles. And this morning I saw a link to my article in the "Not Perl" section, Bootstrap && Perl. It was a pleasure  and a surprise. So, thank you Gabor.

My favorite resources to get information about Perl are the following:

  1. http://search.cpan.org/recent
  2. http://ironman.enlightenedperl.org/
  3. http://perlweekly.com/
  4. http://blogs.perl.org/
  5. http://jobs.perl.org
Have you got anyone not listed? please, write down!

Of course, a lot of blogs indexed by enlightnedperl (I don't want to forget anyone, so I don't enumerate them). 

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  1. There is also Perlsphere - the Perl blog aggregator (sometimes you can find posts not mentioned on Planet Perl Iron Man), and blogs.perl.org


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