22 nov 2009

a picture is worth a thousand words

This week in the Perl world we have seen two events that I believe are very important:

  1. new look and content in http://www.perl.org
  2. new blogging system at http://blogs.perl.org

Such actions are those that cause direct impact on the community attraction, so my sincere congratulations to all involved in them.

In my opinion, Perl has an enormous inner strength, that with relatively little effort may be evident in a simple way to everyone else.
I'm sure when we try to justify the revival of Perl, these two events will be listed.

Good work!

3 comentarios:

  1. Your first link has a typo. It links to ttp://www.perl.org, not http://www.perl.org


  2. Thanks, I fix the wrong link.

    And, I forgot to include 2 important links that make me sure what I said:

    - Learn Perl: http://learn.perl.org

    - Perl Core Dev: http://dev.perl.org


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