17 nov 2009

choosing a bad module name... Modern::Perl?

I have been using Modern::Perl, and it's great. In a unique and single line you can enable all the nice and "modern" features.

But, in my opinion, the name of this module was bad selected.


Currently the meaning of modern perl is matched 100% by this module, and this it's Ok; but in 2020 (for instance), modern Perl won't be achieved with Modern::Perl, and we will need other module, similar but different...

The name is nice, but sometimes we have to think in this kind of tips.

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  1. Yeah, he's planning on allowing you to pass in a date, so it will always be "modern."


    use Modern::Perl '2009';

  2. Then again, what's "modern"? :)

    For me it means "the current state of the art" (which makes "post-modern" into "the next state of the art" :-P). In practice, modernity is a moving target, constantly changing as people figure out better ways of doing things.

    If you choose to be "modern," you also choose keep yourself informed on what's currently the best way of doing things. Having a module that changes and warns you of new developments when you upgrade it sounds like a good thing to me. :)

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