31 oct 2009

Why should I choose Perl over PHP?

A friend of mine, who loves PHP, often tries to convince me to write Web apps in PHP. He knows I am a Perl lover, and I just say: "PHP doesn't like me". But next time he tries it hard, I'd like to put him in troubles with a detailed and specific list of features or issues about Perl-vs-PHP topic.
I think experienced programmers appreciate the huge list of features and options available with Perl.
I want to write a list of PHP problems to argue convincingly with my friend.

Could you help me with your opinions?

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  1. Esta es un poco antigua (de las anteriores versiones de PHP), pero contiene algunas ideas bastante interesantes. De hecho, sigue siendo una referencia del contraste entre los dos.


  2. ¡Vaya! Pues resulta que el autor sí que ha escrito una versión para PHP5: http://tnx.nl/php5.html

  3. The site itself could be a bit more diplomatic but a lot of the items here are a starting point for such a discussion: http://tnx.nl/php

  4. I don't expect to 'convert' any developer that's put a lot of years into learning PHP and building a strong PHP resume, since that would possibly affect their career negatively. My goal is 1) Respect. I want cordiality to exist between the Perl and PHP groups, although friendly rivalry is expected. Right now Most of the PHP people I know go on the attack nearly immediately when I say I use Perl, and that attack doubles in the workplace (like when I suggested new projects built on our existing Perl platform). Criticism from a reasoned basis is fine, but simply repeating the "perl is dead crap" over and over is not productive.

    2) Level playing field. For companies building software, we need to do a better job reaching managers and CTOs so that companies that are invested in scripting technologies, such as PHP or Python are more willing to see Perl in the fold. Right now I find that when Perl lives in a hetrogenous IT organization it is viewed as the problem child. That really has to change as well. So my efforts would not be in trying to convince established developers that Perl is better than something else, but rather make sure that new developers as well as organizations view Perl with an equal and favorable light.

  5. I would not try to convert the other person either. Maybe you could offer him that the two of you will write the next two applications together. One in PHP and the other one in Perl so you can both learn from the other. Stress learning concepts, ideas etc.


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