12 oct 2009

CPAN download counter

Hi, I recently released my first CPAN module, called SQL::Template. It was a nice experience, because I had to get a new CPAN pause account, and follow the publish procedure.

Then, I posted a message in this blog and have been waiting for feedback. No results, no comments, no news, no bugs in RT...

In IRC channel, I asked if there is any method of getting the number of downloads of my module. A guy said me "no, beacuse CPAN is a highly distributed system, and there isn't a stats collect process".

I accept this answer, but I'd like to have a metric about the number of downloads or visits that a resource have in CPAN. The exact total number it's hard to get, but any accurately procedure should be investigated. For example, stats from http://search.cpan.org.

2 comentarios:

  1. You could take a look at the cpanhq.com project (or, more usefully, http://github.com/bricas/cpanhq).

    It isn't exactly what you are asking for, but if you put the code up on github, you may be more likely to see feedback, and perhaps even contributions.

  2. Also, you could have a look at the CPAN Testers report for your module, you will see that at least some people have installed it.


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