26 ago 2023

(dxci) stackoverflow perl report

These are the five most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Between brackets: [question score / answers count]
Build date: 2023-08-26 20:42:31 GMT

  1. Why can't I use quotes in perl tr/// expressions? - [4/2]
  2. What is the most efficient file modification method? Adding many lines to the same file, or reading in, processing, and writing out the file? - [3/1]
  3. perlcritic: "require" statement with library name as string Use a bareword instead - [1/3]
  4. Is there a `use` equivalent of `-T` (taint) used in shebang? - [1/1]
  5. perl process inlude files recursively - [1/1]

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