3 ago 2019

(ccxlviii) CPAN great modules released last week

This is a list of great CPAN modules released last week. A module is considered great if its favorites count is greater or equal than 12.

# CPAN module Version Votes Abstract
1 Clone 0.43 23 recursively copy Perl datatypes
2 DBIx::Class::Helpers 2.034000 44 Simplify the common case stuff for DBIx::Class.
3 Mojo::mysql 1.17 31 Mojolicious and Async MySQL/MariaDB
4 Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI 2.16 32 OpenAPI / Swagger plugin for Mojolicious
5 Raisin 0.86 39 A REST API microframework for Perl.
6 Role::Tiny 2.000007 48 Roles: a nouvelle cuisine portion size slice of Moose
7 Yancy 1.038 26 A simple framework and editor for content-driven Mojolicious websites

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