28 abr 2018

(cccxiv) metacpan weekly report - Data::Mining::Apriori

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 50
Week's winner (+3): Data::Mining::Apriori
Build date: 2018/04/28 20:50:10 GMT

Clicked for first time:
  • Geo::Coder::US - Geocode (estimate latitude and longitude for) any US address
  • Geo::GNIS - Perl extension for parsing USGS GNIS gazetteer data
  • Geo::SypexGeo - API to detect cities by IP thru Sypex Geo database v.2
  • Mail::JMAPTalk - Perl client for the http://jmap.io/ protocol
  • Test::Snapshot - test against data stored in automatically-named file
  • Text::Metaphone - A modern soundex. Phonetic encoding of words.
  • YAML::Dump - Dump stuff, (simplified) YAML style

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