13 ene 2017

(ccxlvii) metacpan weekly report - LeftPad

This is the weekly favourites list of CPAN distributions. Votes count: 40
Week's winner: LeftPad (+2)
Build date: 2017/01/13 19:25:07 GMT

Clicked for first time:
  • anticaptcha - The Perl implementation for anti-captcha.com API
  • JSON::Typist - replace mushy strings and numbers with rigidly typed replacements
  • Mongol - Perl MongoDB wrapper for Moose objects
  • Pod::Section - select specified section from Module's POD
  • Telegram::BotKit - Set of Perl classes for creation of interactive and dynamic Telegram bots. Now bots can only process text, but work in progress :)
  • Test::SSH - Perl extension for testing SSH modules.
  • Text::T9 - Text in 9 keys (T9) input.
  • WWW::Kickstarter - Retrieve information from Kickstarter

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