15 feb 2012

Why I won't leave Perl

Future is hard to predict, but I think I'll never leave Perl

  • because it helps me a lot
  • because it's fun to learn new related topics
  • because I learned it 15 years ago, and since that time, it steals me more than 4 hours a day thinking on it.
  • because smart people share his work with me (via CPAN)
  • because I have the opportunity to share code with others (via CPAN)
  • because nobody is waiting for my thanks to do something interesting
  • because I'm not waiting for your thanks to do something interesting
  • because I'm free to select Perl and nobody pushed me to leave
  • because I think that all people working with Perl is important for all of us, whether we like it more or less
  • because you are reading this post, so Perl is live
  • because Perl will survive us all
I know you have your own reasons, why not write about our motives to stay here? It's a good place to live!

5 comentarios:

  1. because Ivan Cáceres and friends are learning Perl:

  2. Hear, hear! Well said! Especially the part about the smart people. Every time I go to a Perl conference, I am in awe of the people around me.

  3. Simply because Perl gets the job done. Perl may be ugly, line-noisish, and what-not, but at the end of the day, easy things are usually easy in Perl and hard things are usually possible. Perl also continually evolves to keep up with the times. Not every language can do this.

  4. ...because there are people like yourself in the community, who care enough to write such a list and put it online :)

    Speaking of lists, I also really enjoy the stackoverflow Perl reports - keep it up!


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