27 nov 2011

(iv) stackoverflow perl report

This is the ten most rated questions at Stack Overflow last week.
Beetwen brackets: question score & answers count
Built date: 2011/11/27 13:30:32 GMT

And I'd like to thank the reference of this work in the great Perl Weekly of last week.
  1. What is the '@(' doing in this Perl code? - [9/4]
  2. Understanding pushing to a hash and ||=[] construct. (generated in boilerplate.t) - [6/2]
  3. Is there such a thing as a list in scalar context? - [6/6]
  4. How to untaint system call in CGI.pm - [4/4]
  5. Regexp doesn't work for specific special characters in Perl - [4/2]
  6. Most efficient way to search very large text file and output lines matching any of a very large number of terms to another file - [3/2]
  7. Using both ARGV and CGI in a Perl script - [3/4]
  8. Perl, comparing scalar to array (with regex?) - [3/6]
  9. Perl CGI gets parameters from a different request to the current URL - [3/1]
  10. Capture variable assignments in a Perl eval - [3/3]

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