24 abr 2011

CPAN Module review - Web apps

When I'm developing web applications, I use those frameworks that make my work easier. The size of the webs is not big and I have been working with CGI::Application for years. In a recent search, I have found Dancer. This framework handles the routes concept (an idea from Ruby's Sinatra); routes are paths which are binded to code. For example:

get '/home' => sub { 'Hi, this is home!' };

There are a lot of plugins available (database, logging, session handling, REST, AJAX, validation, templates, WebSocket, ...) at CPAN. You can write your own plugin by subclassing Dancer::Plugin.

The framework comes with a script that builds the skeleton of your application, with a nice structure in folders: views, libs, ... it takes seconds to start a new application.

I  definitely recommend Dancer to you. Just install and try!

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